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Our Mission

We connect activity enthusiasts with studios, sports centres, teachers, and trainers via one central platform.

By creating an operating system for the whole industry, the activities of our partners get more visibility and are easily accessible for everyone using our platform.

We contribute to a healthier and more active society by empowering everyone to improve their lives with sports, fitness and mindful movement. We want to get people going and keep them moving

Our mission
Management Team

Our Story

Back in 2013, Hanno, Emanuel, Philipp and Stefan, noticed how difficult it was for consumers to find, book and pay for sports activities online compared with other industries. Necessary information was scattered on various Websites, reservations were only possible during opening hours via the telephone and online payment was not an option.

To tackle this problem, they joined forces and Eversports was born. It was founded on the principle that everyone should have easy access to sports at any time and from anywhere.

Your Success

Today, we connect activity providers with the athletes of tomorrow. We provide professionals and business owners with a modern software tool to manage and run their business. And on the same hand we offer sport lovers a great way to book their activities anywhere, anytime, from their phone, tablet or computer.
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“Excellence is a gradual result of always striving to do better”

Hanno Lippitsch

Our products

Our pride. Our legacy. Your success.

Eversports Manager

Eversports Manager is more than software. We are your partner to automate administration, increase retention, boost acquisition and grow your business.

Eversports Marketplace

Eversports marketplace connects consumers with studios and sports providers. You will find over 1000 different activities across 8 countries that can be directly booked and paid for online.
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We at Eversports are an international, dynamic team that works hard but always has fun doing it. We are permanently looking for talents to join our teams!
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