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Do you want to offer fascia therapy in your studio and help you customers to prevent and treat muscular tensions? With the products from Blackroll® you can do both!

Research has shown, that the connective tissue surrounding the muscles (the fascia) are extremely important for health and a pain free life. Blackroll is market leader in offering product to exactly target the fascia with specially designed rolls and balls. BLACKROLL® is convinced, that a targeted strengthening and mobilisation in combination with fascial regeneration will lead to a long-term improved performance and help prevent injuries and pain.  

Now you can also offer your clients the same experience or even start selling BLACKROLL® products in your studio. Get access to the exclusive Proshop and get unique discount on your purchases.

Need more information? Visit: https://www.blackroll.com

Tot 30% korting. Geldig tot 31 december.

Risparmia fino al 45%. Disponibile fino al 31 Dicembre.

Jusqu’à 45% de réduction. Disponible jusqu’au 31 décembre.

¡Hasta 45% de descuento! Disponible hasta el 31 de diciembre.

Bis zu 20% Rabatt! Nur bis zum 31. Dezember.

Up to 45% off. Available until 31st December.