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Carolina Martina wants to create a space for her customers to connect to others and forming meaningful relationships with one another and themselves. Having a space to retrieve and find some inner calm, peace and relaxation is very important in a busy city. That is the space Carolina wants to give her clients and offer them an escape from their everyday life.

The studio

She is running her own studio “Espacio Centro de la Tierra” in the middle of the busy city of Barcelona. She wants to give her clients the opportunity to escape the hectics of the big city and find some inner calm and peace. This is the reason why the one-room study is soundproof to protect the yogis from all outside distractions and hot enough to feel connected to the outside of the city. Further, she also rents out the space to others in order to share a space for people to come together.

Espacio centro de la tierra

The challenge

Carolina had been looking for an administration tool for a while. She is very demanding and needs an all-around solution for her studio to take over most of the work. In addition to a fair price, the tool also needs to automate the bookings, the online payment, be fast at the register and easy-to-use by employees, customers and herself. Finally, she also did not want to feel left alone by a company, but actually be treated like partner and get personal support and attention.

The solution

After testing different tools, she heard about Eversports and was immediately ready to give it a try. From the beginning, she was immediately impressed by the support she is getting from the entire team. Her questions and concerns are being heard and feedback welcomed. Further, Carolina also loves how easy the entire interface is and that the modification of products goes quickly. Finally, Eversports is cheaper than the competitors she has tried previously and offers everything she needs for the administration of her studio. She concludes: I would definitely recommend Eversports to my fellow yogis. The most valuable thing about them is that they constantly try to improve and adapt to satisfy the needs of each individual and listen carefully to feedback.”

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