Ramona Buta explains why training regularly is now more important than before

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Ramona Buta

Ramona Buta is not only an excellent personal trainer, she also gives training in a wide variety of areas, including bootcamps, HIIT or bodywork. To offer such a variety Ramona successfully completed different educations over the years, such as personal & online trainer, nutrition & lifestyle coach, as well as certifications for bootcamps, circuits, tabata and HIIT training. She currently teaches online live classes every second day, private online coaching, as well as filming and posting workouts on her Instagram and Facebook pages. What’s Ramonas vision that motivates her everyday? Helping women to become healthy and fit so that they are emotionally and physically satisfied with themselves. In Ramona’s trainings the participants should have fun while doing something good for their bodies.

Ramona Buta Personal Training

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The challenge

Before switching to an online booking system, Ramona ticked off her participants individually before the start of her trainings. Of course, this manual check-in took quite some time every day. Also, the communication was mainly via WhatsApp and Facebook and so Ramona received many questions about the duration of her trainings, how to get there or what they have to pay. Personal contact is of course important, but always answering the same questions is double work in the end. Another challenge for Ramona was the collaboration with MyClubs, because Ramona always had to manually check and review all bookings that came through MyClubs.

The solution

Two years ago, Ramona decided to use Eversports Manager for her business. The integration with MyClubs enormously reduces Ramona’s daily workload and makes her job as a trainer much easier. The software also has many advantages for her customers. Using the Eversports app is very intuitive and Ramona’s customers can now book their lessons quickly and easily online. Especially when someone books Ramona’s training for the first time, she had to answer many questions beforehand. Now she simply sends the link to her Eversports profile so that her customers can find all the answers to frequently asked questions. The time Ramona previously had to spend on this can now be invested in more important things, like training with her customers.

Ramona Buta Online Klasse

Online classes

As many other studio owners, Ramona switched to online training shortly after the lockdown. Thanks to the new option in Eversports Manager, the transition was very easy and Ramona is very grateful for this opportunity. It is especially  important now that her customers and members remain active at home, also because a lot of people now have more time to train. Additionally, exercising and regular trainings at home help overcome fears and make you feel better, which has a positive impact on how people feel during this current time. But online trainings are also important for trainers and studio owners like Ramona, because at the end of the day you still have to pay bills or, as Ramona said: “If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.” With the online training, Ramona can continue to work and maintain part of her revenue. A win-win situation for Ramona and her customers.

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