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Ramona Buta
Fitnessonline classes

Ramona Buta explains why training regularly is now more important than before

Ramona Buta is not only a personal trainer, she also gives trainings in various areas. In a short interview she told us why regular training is now more important and how the Eversports Manager is helping her with that.

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Fitness Studio Training

6 common mistakes you can avoid, when managing your fitness studio in 2020

Managing your own gym can be quite a challenge. That’s why we talked to different gym owners about their experience and share with you these 6 common mistakes that you can avoid in your fitness studio in 2020.

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Save time organizing your studio

How you can save 10 hours of administration work every week

Opening your own club, gym or studio also means you are responsible for all administrational tasks that come along. We show you how you can reduce your administration with three simple steps.

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FitnessGroup Fitness

GK Studio

Founded by Karolina Godina 7 years ago, GK Studio offers group fitness, personal trainings, nutritional consulting and on-demand trainers for …

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