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Yoga Vision, yoga software

Ricarda Langevin turned to yoga to escape her daily stress and find a place for personal peace over  20 years ago. Progressively, she started teaching from home and also in other yoga studios until the opportunity came up to run her own studio. Today, her and her husband Eric are running the studio together and share responsibilities in organizing the studio structure.

The studio

The couple is not running a traditional yoga studio. They do not have any fixed employees, but work together with yoga teachers who can use their spaces to teach classes. Basically, they are renting out the space to yoga teachers of their choice, to practice and share their knowledge with others. Now, they have about 15 regular teachers who use their spaces in the prime location of the 11th arrondissement of Paris. However, Ricarda who is a passionate yogi is still teaching classes herself and helping others finding themselves through yoga. Apart from regular classes, the space is also being used for workshops and trainings for yoga teachers.

Yoga Vision

The challenge

The studio was using Mindbody before, because it was one of the only softwares available at the time. However, after a huge price increase the small studio couldn ́t carry the burden any longer and were looking for an alternative that could easily transfer the data and make a seamless transition. Especially important for the couple was, that the customers don’t have to worry about their data and memberships to be lost during the process.

The solution

With Eversports, they have found a partner that offers a very fair price to equip every studio with a tool that can automate their tasks in the background. Also, there were no problems whatsoever with the transition from one tool to another and all products were immediately assigned to the right customer. All concerns raised by worried customers were unnecessary and nobody faced any problems of losing their membership during the transition. In addition to the smooth software migration and the fairer pricing, the check-in process is also accelerated and within a few clicks, customers can be assigned new products.

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