Empowering teams through corporate sports

It is proven that healthy employees feel 41% more motivated, have 9% less sick leaves and are 4% more productive. Empower your teams through sports, workouts and mindful activities with Eversports.

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Sportier lifestyle, happier employees

Our corporates partners already offering sports vouchers to their employees​ can confirm it.
Retreat Yoga Software

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“Customer loyalty and customer care is only possible with the right management software and the cash register change made it clear that we were switching to Eversports.”

Patrick Broome Yoga Munich

Company 2

Patrick Broome Yoga

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“The software is really simple to use and well structured. It helps to automate a lot of work like for example in the area of ​​online bookings, payments and the teachers payroll.

City and Country Club

Company 3

City & Counrty Club

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“One of the biggest advantages of the Eversports booking software is its integration with other Apps and platforms to reach out to new customers.”

Sponsor your employees for an healthier lifestyle

You can support your employees financially to be more active by offering Eversports vouchers. Set up vouchers per employee, department or for the whole company. Employees can then redeem their dedicated vouchers, book and pay directly online. We can deliver a tailor made corporate sports program for your company.

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Give them access to hundreds of activities and sport offers

Via the Eversports website and mobile app’s your employees can choose from a large and diverse sports selection. Ranging from yoga, Pilates, fitness, dance or even martial arts and much more, there is an activity available for every individual. 

Let them join online live-streaming of classes and training

More than 800 providers all over Europe already offer around 1000 sports, fitness and yoga activities daily via online-streaming. By joining these online activities your employees can stay fit at home and support local businesses that have had to close their studios and clubs due to the corona crisis.
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Benefits for employees

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Grow your team spirit

Create a healthy environment and foster team spirit within teams and across departments.

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Large selection of activities

Let your employees choose from a large range of activities and sports offers.

Sell products

Increase work-life balance

Promote an healthy lifestyle through a good mix of relaxation and power.

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Low individual costs​

Sponsor your employees through dedicated Eversports vouchers for your company.

Rania Eversports Team

Rania Mahfoudh, Partner Executive @Eversports

“Being offered vouchers was just the extra push I needed to discover new sports and studios without needing to commit to memberships all year around.”
Stefan Feier CPO Eversports

Stefan Feirer, CPO @Eversports

“Ironically, we can speak for ourselves: we see the benefits of offering our teams sport vouchers and how it positively impacts their weekly performance and spirit!”

Benefits for employers

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Full cost control

Set the maximum amount you are willing to spend through employee vouchers.

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Healthy corporate image

Make your company more appealing by promoting by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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Full flexibility

Adapt your vouchers at any time and stay flexible

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Pay as you go

No membership required, you only pay for the actively used vouchers of your teams.

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