A free step-by-step guide
to Video-On-Demand
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Learn from expert how to successfully use Video-On-Demand for your studio.

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Video on Demand eBook EN cover

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Discover why video lessons are more than just a trend

Video-on-demand is more relevant today than ever. If the crisis changed the way we do sports and exercise, the urge for it has not been stopped, on the contrary. In this eBook you will discover how the way we do sports has changed and why video-on-demand is the new trend.

Video on demand is the new trend
video on demand for your studio

Learn how you can keep your customers safe and engaged while driving revenue

With video on demand you ensure that your members keep moving in a safe and healthy environment. Allow your members to take your classes wherever and whenever they want and continue to generate income, even within a lockdown.

How to start with video-on-demand for your studio?

Set the right strategy

What types of videos do you want to offer ? How to best meet your customers’ needs ? And what goals do you want to achieve ?

Find the right tools to use

Which recording tools should you use? How should the set-up look like ? And where to host your videos ?

Promote your offer effectively

At what prices should you sell your videos ? How do you inform your community ? And how do you attract new customers ?

How to start with video on demand for your studio

This guide was written with their help:

Dolly, founder of Yoga on Call was one of our first partner to see the potential in video-on-demand. She explains why she decided to invest in online video lessons.

Dolly founder Yoga on Call


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Caro, founder of Mindful Yoga with Caro, explains how video also worked for her as a one-woman show and how she has set up the online video library for her Yoga studio.

Pascale, founder Ecole Du Movement is shared with us her tips in terms of equipment. Before devoting herself 100% to yoga, Pascale was a performance technician.

Pascale founder Ecole du Mouvement


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