Livestream your classes with Eversports Manager

Get more people to join your classes by offering online classes in addition to your regular schedule.

Livestream your classes with Eversports Manager​

Connect with your members in real time from anywhere.

Keep your customers safe and engaged while driving revenue!

App overview from all studios with Live stream option

Start delivering virtual classes

Set-up your virtual calendar and inform your members via automated emails.

Clear description for your customers about how the live stream works

Let them book and pay online

Your customers can book and pay for their next live class directly from the app.

Start your live streaming your classes in no time

Live stream in no time

Your members will be sent the broadcasting link automatically.

Quote Yoga on Call Video on Demand

“We had some old videos on Youtube, but now we can easily collect everything in one place. It is easy to set up and within the first month we already sold more than 130 videos! This gives us some peace after a hectic period. In fact, we were able to take a week off while online sales continued as normal and our community could continue to take classes.”


Start delivering virtual classes in a few easy steps.

Step 1

Switch to virtual classes

You simply need to schedule your virtual classes and let the software do the rest.

Inform your members

Members will book and pay the same as they always have, they will automatically receive a link to the live stream.

Start your live broadcast

You don’t need a sophisticated tools, it’s directly integrated within Eversports Manager booking system.

3 easy steps to get started with live streaming your classes online

Create additional income with online classes

With the combination of online classes and studio classes you have plenty of possibilities to create a modern and timeless schedule. By offering pure online or hybrid classes you will attract more people to join your classes more often and create additional income with this.

Livestream your classes and bring additional income for your studio
Live streaming your classes is part of the

More than 85% keep online classes as additional service

Online classes are more than a short-term trend: they are here to stay. More than 85% of our partner studios included online classes as a part of their daily schedules. Most of them experienced fully booked classes especially early in the morning classes and late in the evening.

Offer more flexibility to your customers

Most of your customers have joined online classes already and experienced the comfort of working out in their own home. By offering your classes online you provide a great service to your customers: the freedom to choose between online and offline participation. 

Livestream for more flexibility to your clients

New: Video-On-Demand
now available for free

Record your online classes and create custom videos. Your members can follow your classes 24/7 in the comfort of their own home! Additionally, recycling your online classes content into videos allows you to create a new stream of revenue for your business. Discover this free new feature of Eversports Manager today.


Already over 500 studios are offering online classes with Eversports Manager

Start with online classes today

Experience from our partners

Read what our partners have experienced by offering online classes in their studio
Bodymotion Fitness - Inhaberin Silvia Indergand

Silvia Indergand

Rating Partners Full

“My customers love the possibility to train online and at the same time, stay fit at home with their favourite teachers. I started directly to livestream my training online and now more and more people join our online classes.”

Tom - Kettlebell Outdoor Amsterdam

Tom van Lersel

Rating Partners Full

“The Eversports team ensured that we could immediately respond to the current demand for online workouts. Instead of our usual park exercises, we brought our trainings straight to the living room of our customers.”

Bubble Yoga Anne

Anne Eberhardt

Rating Partners Full

“The reactivity & personal support of the whole team is really outstanding. I have a clear feeling that we are working together. Not to mention all the extra functionalities you have added to adapt to the current situation!”

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