Together we go through all the ups and downs

You are not alone. No matter how big your studio or sports facility is, no matter what type of yoga or sport you offer, we are there for you right from the start and provide you with the best possible support on your journey to success.

Can we do it? Yes, together we can do it!

When you run a yoga studio, sports studio or venue, there will be ups and downs – that’s completely normal. But the most important thing is that you don’t have to go through crises alone or celebrate your successes alone. We’re by your side when you’re doing well – and when you’re struggling. Here’s how we support you!

Always ready to learn new things - what about you?

Delivering a management tool is not the end of our work. We want to learn from each other and follow your whole journey. That’s why we’ve been organising yoga circles, interactive webinars and workshops for years, not only to share knowledge but also to listen to you. And to provide you a platform to exchange ideas with like-minded people.


On relevant topics from the yoga and sports world, practical tips for everyday studio life and the use of the Eversports Manager

per year


Weekly meetings

with our partners to discuss your individual challenges and wishes.



per year

Yoga Circles

discuss the current market with our partners, share challenges and suggestions for improvement.


Hours average response time

for all your questions, feedback and challenges.


Answered requests per week

discuss the current market with our partners, share challenges and suggestions for improvement.

By your side, right from the start

Your passion is our number one priority. We are only happy when you have more peace of mind and time for yourself and your members. That’s why we focus on fast, competent help and, above all, personal contact with you, whether on site or in meetings.

You can always count on us!

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We believe that learning never stops. So let’s inspire, support each other and grow together.

More features, more time for you and your members

At Eversports, we look to the future because this is the only way we can work on our weaknesses and continue to build on our strengths. Working closely with our partners, we constantly look for for improvements and developments to our features, giving you more time for yourself and your customers.

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The success stories of our partners

Our partners have achieved great things – no matter how success is defined, what counts are happy and healthy members. With the Eversports Manager, we not only want to provide you with the right tools, but also support you in growing your community and guide you through successes and difficult times.

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