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Eversports x Pretty Deadly Self Defense

We teamed up with Pretty Deadly Self Defense supporting all certified trainers to simplify their class administration with our powerful gym management software.

© Jessica Zumpfe Photography
Pretty Deadly Self Defense
© Jessica Zumpfe Photography

Self Defense for Self-Empowerement

Founder Susie Kahlich developed the Pretty Deadly Self Defense™ Program to create a strong community of self-empowered and confident woman.

Certified trainers of the Pretty Deadly Self Defense™ Program will receive ongoing back-end support, business basics and marketing tools as well as the Eversports Manager to run their own businesses.

Get to know the Founder

“Teaching women our user-friendly self defense skills is a great way to get clients back into the studio, and grow your customer base, too. Invest in your community, and they’ll invest in you.”

Susie Kahlich, Founder, Pretty Deadly Self Defense

Susie Kahlich Pretty Deadly Self Defense
Pretty Deadly Self Defense Logo

Eversports x Yoga Danse

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Yoga Danse Founder

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Yoga Danse Founder


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