Let customers give your studio vouchers to their loved ones

Benefit from the Christmas season and offer your customers the opportunity to buy your vouchers online!

Selling vouchers online
Selling vouchers online

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Getting the most out of Christmas with selling your vouchers online!

Christmas is coming – and so is the stressful time of looking for nice presents for your beloved ones. As a studio owner, this time of the year is also a great opportunity. Many people look for nice voucher ideas and what can be better than giving someone a voucher for being active at a great place like your studio?

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Create your own voucher design with the Eversports Manager!​

We live in a time where most people prefer to buy vouchers directly online. They expect a seamless purchase experience and a nice voucher design with personalized pictures of your studio.  Especially in the last days before christmas this becomes important. People who did not buy a voucher yet, can buy it online straight from home. That is very comfortable for everyone. Create your vouchers in your individual style! 

All-in-one Software Eversports Manager offers many features helping to grow your business!

The powerful voucher feature is only one of many very helpful features of Eversports Manager. In addition, we offer automated online booking, innovative customer management, cash register and much more to make your studio more successful. Sign up and learn more about the voucher functionality and other features.

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Benefits from selling vouchers online:

Use new revenue stream

Don’t miss out the opportunity to generate profit with opening this revenue channel at your business. People love to make gifts and you benefit from it!

Sell online at any time

Many online bookings are made in the evenings and at night. Make sure that your products can also be purchased online outside your business hours.

Offer vouchers for Christmas

Especially during the Christmas season, people are looking for gifts for their loved ones. Make your vouchers visible for Christmas now!

Analyze vouchers sold

After every campaign there must be a monitoring. With the Eversports Manager its easy to see how many vouchers sold and how much revenue generated!

Create your own voucher design

Christmas, Easter, Birthday Vouchers or simply vouchers in your own corporate identity – the opportunites are endless. Start creating your own voucher design and sell it!

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