Take your services online with Video-On-Demand

Create a new stream of revenue for your business​ and offer custom videos to your clients in the comfort of their own home

Online Video On Demand

It’s a win win for everyone

Keep your customers safe and engaged while driving revenue!

Video On Demand Revenue

Videos drive new revenue

Sell your pre-recorded streaming trainings and classes directly online and earn extra cash with it.

Video On Demand Flexibility

Videos give more flexibility

Your customers are flexible to participate in activities whenever they want and how often they want.

Video On Demand Retention

Videos help retain clients

With recording available 24/7, your customers will stay connected with your business more than ever before.

Quote Yoga on Call Video on Demand
“We had some old videos on Youtube, but now we can easily collect everything in one place. It is easy to set up and within the first month we already sold more than 130 subscriptions! This gives us some peace after a hectic period. In fact, we were able to take a week off while online sales continued as normal and our community could continue to take classes.”


3 steps to get started with a successful Video-On-Demand service

Step 1

Create or re-use videos

Insert your video links in your activities and products. Your customers can buy your videos directly online from your website.

Promote your videos

With the share options it is easy to promote your recordings on social media channels, in your newsletter or on your website.

Learn from powerful insights

The video dashboard gives you a range of data on your purchased recordings so that you can learn and improve your next videos.

3 steps for your video library

Create a new stream of revenue

Increase your revenue by selling your videos one-by-one with a single ticket price for each video. Or increase the memberships of your customers and give them unlimited access to your video library.
Grow your revenue with video on demand
Video On Demand stay open 24/7

Stay open 24/7

With Video-On-Demand, your clients can watch pre-recorded videos on their own time and schedule. These videos are available 24/7, require no upkeep, and can be used as a standalone video offering or as a complement to live streaming.

Grow your community outside the studio walls

In 2020, the landscape for fitness and mindful movements has changed. Businesses are moving online faster than ever, and it’s for good reason. Besides the greater flexibility and independence that you offer your customers with Video-On-Demand, you also keep them engaged and safe!

Online yoga class

Video-On-Demand helps you stay in control of your income

Apolline Yoga Online Studio


Rating Partners Full

“I am delighted to be finally able to share my yoga classes as online paid service. The Eversports team is always available. The software is very easy to use, clear and precise. I’m having fun!”

Online studio Audrey Haemmerle

Audrey Haemmerle

Rating Partners Full

“People from all over the world are joining my online classes. I can finally realise my dream to offer decentralised online yoga sessions to my growing international community.”

Chris Hettinga Online Studio

Chris Hettinga

Rating Partners Full

“As a trainer, I have now the opportunity to quickly and efficiently help my customers to enjoy their exercise. I get enthusiastic responses back and that is very motivating!”

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