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Simplify and streamline your admin. Clear the clutter, find efficiency and embrace success.

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Here's how we simplify your admin

Time is a precious thing, isn’t it? And when you’re chasing dreams, every minute counts. That’s why we’re here to give you all the tools you need so you get that precious time back.





Manage your customers and amazing team

Make sure your schedule shines bright on all your platforms.

Make your activities a breeze to book, so anyone can join in on the fun with just a few clicks.


Keep an overview over your finances

Take control over your finances. We help you keep an overview over all revenues and expenses and tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Automate invoicing and bookkeeping and make payment effortless for your customers.


Create your reports and make winning moves

Reports are not meant to be a burden. That’s why we help you to easily create and export your individual reports to see all important numbers and to stay up-to-date with what happens in your daily business.

How to nurture and grow your community

Community is the heartbeat of your studio or venue right? We understand that. Let’s level up your community connections, so you can discover, engage and score big with the people who matter most.




Customer Relationship

Strengthen your community

If you wanna strengthen your community, it’s all about showing your customers the individual attention they deserve – you can create customer segments and send out automized and personalized emails. Keep your customer data safe in one place, run campaigns and organise special offers to earn the love and loyalty of newcomers.

Social Features

Let’s build stronger connections

We made it super easy for customers to build and nurture their social connections – thanks to our new features! Now, users can see all activities their buddies have booked, can join them and find play partners for some fun matches. There’s even more chances now to knit those heartwarming connections among your customers – bringing people together, just like a team huddle.

Eversports App

Grow your community with our app

We created a home for you and your community: the Eversports App, a space where users can easily discover, book and pay your unique activities. With our app, you’re not just growing a community, you’re fostering genuine connections, helping newcomers explore all your amazing offers, and expanding that circle even wider.

Your partner for the ups and downs of living your passion

Having a partner for the ups and downs is like having a trusted teammate by your side — we cheer you on during victories and support you during the lows. So you never feel alone in the game of life.

Customer Support

Remember, we’re in this together, providing you with the customer support you need.


We’re a network of over 3.500 partners. Tap into this resource, connect, exchange and let the sparks of inspiration fly.


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