Strengthen and grow your community

Your community is the soul of your studio or sports venue. We support you with fostering genuine connections and growing the community of yours. 

Here's how we support the growth of your community

Spreading the word and bringing in new members is not always easy. We are here to help you build even stronger bonds with your customers and to grow your community even further. Sounds good? We’ll tell you all about it.

Grow your community with the Eversports app

As a partner of Eversports, you automatically have the opportunity to bring more enthusiasts to your studio- with the Eversports app and website. On average, each Eversports studio grew 19.8% compared to last year, thanks to being visible in our app.

Let more members join your community

Many of your customers may have memberships with providers such as ClassPass, myClubs or Gympass. Isn’t it great to bring new members in from all different kinds of channels? With our APIs, you can integrate those memberships and always keep track on newcomers!

Find out how you can grow your community with Eversports!

This is how you build stronger bonds within your community

Your community is the soul of your studio or sports venue. We support you with fostering genuine connections and growing the community of yours.

Eversports builds real connections

A strong community isn’t formed overnight. Your studio or sports facility brings people together because you’ve created a safe space and second home for your members. With the Eversports app, we bring your community even closer together by connecting your members and strengthening their bonds.

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Building a stronger community bond
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The go-to app for your customers!

The latest community features in the Eversports app


Your customers can see which activities their friends have booked and invite each other to activities. This not only creates stronger bonds within your community but also boosts bookings in your studio.


Your members can now create their own tennis, padel, or football matches or join public matches. This way, nothing stands in the way of your members booking a court at your venue, even if their friends are busy.

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Tools for genuine connections

A day has only 24 hours, and time with your customers can run a bit short, don’t you think? However, with the right tools, you can stay close with your members and motivate them even more. We’ll show you how it works with Eversports!

Be heard and seen

Another newsletter that ended up in the bin? That happens a lot. However, emails can be an effective way to inspire your members and pass on important information. With Eversports, you can personalize and automate your emails, ensuring your members receive the appreciation and offers they deserve.

Your CRM tool for all needs

Every member in your studio has unique needs. Some may need a little extra motivation, while others visit your studio no matter what season it is. Making everyone happy is very challenging, right? That’s where we come in – with our CRM tool that meets everyone’s needs!

Get inspired and inspire others

Dive into exclusive interviews and talks with experts from the yoga, sports, and business world that help you in your day-to-day studio life. Being an Eversports partner means being part of a movement network where knowledge, inspiration and motivation are shared!

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Community means...

For us, sharing our passion for sports and yoga and supporting each other through highs and lows.

For our partners, inspiring people with movement, yoga, and sports, and providing them a home where everyone can follow their passion.

We want to get to know you!

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