Strengthen your martial arts community

Nurture and grow those connections within your martial arts community and soak in all the tools and knowledge you need to run your dojo or martial arts school.

Less admin, more martial arts

We get it – sometimes we get lost in the everyday grind. But guess what? We’re here to get rid of endless hours of admin work, making room for what truly sets your heart on fire – spreading that martial arts joy!

Online booking and payment

Automated invoicing

Online booking payment

Make your booking process simple

You’ve got some challenges to conquer when running your own dojo, so no need to focus your energy on scheduling or cancellations! Let students easily book and pay for your martial arts classes. When they book and pay online, the odds of them doing a last-minute cancellation drop by almost 60%!

Automated invoicing

Let us handle your invoices

We handle your invoices hassle-free. For martial classes, workshops, or any other martial arts offers, it’s all automatic. No worries about legal or accounting requirements – we’ve got you covered.

Payroll for teachers


Payroll for teachers

Keep your team and teachers happy

We handle your monthly teachers’s payroll automatically. All your teachers get a notification with an overview of all their activities and calculated salary.


Show them what you got

Create your own course plan to showcase your self-defence disciplines such as judo, krav maga, jujitsu or combat sports such as karate, MMA, kickboxing or boxing throughout your channels. Want to make changes? No problem, you can easily adapt your schedule whenever you need in a few clicks.

That's why dojos love Eversports


“I am very satisfied with the martial arts software of Eversports. It is a very intuitive software. It’s easy to get started and you get up to know the tool relatively quickly.”

Luis, Human Studio Move Lab


“Eversports offers a perfect solution to manage my taekwondo club. This is the only software that allows me to manage all my memberships and attract new members quickly and easily.”

César, Wien Taekwondo Centre


“At Sporthalle Vienna, we offer a variety of trainings to our customers like MovNat, Yoga or Boxing. For all our trainings we use the Eversports Manager. I especially like that the software is learning constantly.”

Yue-Zong, Sporthalle Vienna

Turn your dojo into a real community hotspot

We’re right here to help you to nurture and grow that martial arts family of yours. So, let us join forces, bringing in those passionate martial arts enthusiasts to join your community.

Strengthen your community with the right tools

Staying close with your students can be a bit of a challenge, we know. Let’s make that bond stronger than ever. Use our tools to stay connected and to grow. From personalized emails to handy CRM features and trial lessons – we’ve got all the bases covered. So let’s strengthen and grow your connections and get those gloves on!

Knowledge hub for lifelong learners

Deep dives into the world of martial arts, marketing, customer retention and how to use the features of our martial arts school management software in a smart way. Explore our webinars, guides and downloads from experts in the world of martial arts!

Grow your martial arts family

It’s time to grow your martial arts community and gain some new members – with the Eversports App! It’s the place where all martial arts enthusiasts in your region discover one-of-a-kind offers, connect with friends, book and pay with ease.

On average, each Eversports dojo grew 19.8% compared to last year, thanks to being visible in our always busy app.

Want to learn more about how we can help your dojo?

Gunther Attarpour: Master of martial arts and entrepreneurship

Gunther Attarpour, the founder of the Kampfkunstforum and PERFORM Wien, has an impressive athletic career behind him. Together with co-founder Sonja, he has successfully bridged the gap between martial arts and holistic movement. The Kampfkunstforum spans across different regions in Austria and offers a wide range of activities for all age groups. His passion for diversity and the connection between various forms of movement continues to drive him to this day.

Gunther Attarpour, PERFORM & Kampfkunstforum

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