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Ensure your dojo is ready to compete by automating your administration and raising online awareness of your business. Saving time on paperwork means more time to welcome new students to your classes and more time to teach them. Our system makes it easy to publish your classes then edit the details in real time as your week develops. Whether you offer self-defence disciplines such as judo, krav maga, jujitsu etc or combat sports such as karate, MMA, kickboxing or boxing you’ll know just how important it is to keep track of your classes.
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Use our free app to promote your school and increase your visibility to prospects. New students can easily find your school and sign up for classes. Once they have registered you have access to an overview of their attendance and payments. Watch your student numbers increase online and in the dojo!

Boost client retention

Let your students focus on their training without any distractions. Being able to book their attendance at any time gives them ultimate control over their progress. It also makes it easy for them to commit to a long-term education. Attending regular classes is good for the development of your students and great for your revenue stream. In a competitive field, customer retention is a vital part of your business’s self-defence strategy.

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“We offer an extensive training program with multiple teachers for customers to choose from. After training, customers can reward themselves with drinks and snacks. We sell all these products directly using the Eversports software.”

Karolina Godina

Online registration

Customers that book and pay in advance are 60% less likely to cancel attending your classes. Our system makes it quick and easy for your students to commit to your classes. This also helps them plan their training and ensure they can attend the classes that they wish to follow.

Online payment

Over 20% of all online payments are made outside opening hours. Your students can use our safe and reliable system to make purchases and payments at any time. This has a significant effect on your revenue and also reduces no-shows and cancellations.

Courses and event management

Whether you are offering a course or a one-off event, our system makes short work of registering and processing attendees. Create a waiting list for fully booked events that allows students to sign up if a place becomes available. Keep students up to date with all relevant event details at the push of a button.

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Free trials

Allow prospects to easily register for a free trial lesson. Convert that trial into a subscription or new lesson in seconds with just a few clicks. Giving new customers a taste of your activities and then allowing them to come back for more is made easy with our free app.

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Automated invoicing

Invoices are automatically generated for every product that your students purchase. This invoice will meet all legal and accounting requirements. Students then receive the invoice via email right after completing their online purchase. The invoice is also added to your records, making it easy to share with your accountant.

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Success stories of our partners

See how the Eversports software is helping dojos and other businesses to grow

César Valentim - Wien Taekwondo Centre

César Valentim

Rating Partners Full

Eversports is the perfect solution for César to handle all the administrational tasks of his taekwando centre. It is the only martial arts software that allows him to cordinate memberships and attract new customers.

Hot Yoga Vienna Yoga Software

Raphaela Pruckner

Rating Partners Full

For Raphaela, it is important to bring the stressful studio work and administration under one hat. To sum up, having a reliable, functional and easy-to-use software that administers all her classes makes her days easier.

Sporthalle Wien - Group Fitness

Yue-Zong Tsai

Rating Partners Full

“At Sporthalle Vienna, we offer a variety of trainings to our customers like MovNat, Yoga or Boxing. For all our trainings we use the Eversports Manager. I especially like that the software is learning constantly. “

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