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Are you enthusiastic about the software of Eversport and know of other entrepreneurs that could benefit from using the Eversports Manager? Create your own personal referral code using the webform and earn up to 300€ (details below). Promotion lasts until December 31, 2021.

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How it works in a nutshell

Share code

Create & share your code

Create your code and share it with other entrepreneurs and friends who could benefit from using Eversports Manager for their business.

Use code

Your code is used in a demo

When your referral signs up for a demo, our team will get the referral code from them in our introductory call.

Bonus referral

Get 100€ bonus

You will receive a 100€ bonus when your referral attends a product demo with our sales team. You will get an additional 200€ if your referral becomes a paying partner of Eversports. He or she will also get the software free for a month.

Frequently asked questions

You can refer an unlimited number of people – the more people you refer, the better chances of earning the bonus!

We will not sent you any notifications when your code is being used. However, we will personally contact you as soon as a referral is successful.

If your referral attends a sales demo and/or becomes a paying partner of Eversports, our team will contact you via email or phone to let you know about the good news.

Once your referral attends a sales demo, within 14 days you will receive 100€ cash on your bank account. If your referral becomes a paying partner, you will receive an additional 200€ on your bank account within 30 days of the date your referral begins with the software. 

In order to be compensated we must be able to verify that your referral is an owner or manager of a sports/fitness studio or ballsports venue that could benefit from using the Eversports Manager. 

In order to be eligible for this limited time promotion the referral must attend a sales demo with our team before December 31, 2021.

No, once created you cannot change your referral code. So make sure to create a code that is easy to remember for you and for your friends.


"A big thank you to everyone who believes in Eversports Manager and is helping to share and spread the word about us. Thanks to you we have a purpose!"

Hanno Lippitsch

CEO @ Eversports

Refer entrepreneurs to discover the power of Eversports Manager

And earn up to 300€ bonus for each successful referral coming via your code.

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