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We are all in this together! We all contribute to minimize the current corona crisis by reducing our social contacts. However we can still use  online channels to stay in contact with friends and families. This also applies for your customers, who have to stay at home. They are looking for offers that they can now take advantage of within their own four walls. For you, this means reaching out to participants by offering them the necessary distraction and movement through online classes. With the Eversports Manager this is now even easier than before, because over the weekend we have created a new feature to set up online courses easily. Your customers can now see directly in your schedule which unit is offered via online live streaming and they can directly join your lesson via the link in the Eversports app.

Free webinar “Offer online classes”

To support you in this situation, we are offering a free webinars to you. There we will explain you how exactly you can offer your classes online with Eversports Manager and how you can set them up within minutes.

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Equipment for your online class

For your online class you need a video conferencing tool like Google Hangouts, Zoom or Skype. In addition to a stable internet connection, we also recommend you to invest in a headset for more freedom of movement and an external camera to offer a high quality live video.

Set up the online class within a few clicks

In Eversports Manager you can now set up your online unit of Yoga, Pilates or Fitness with just a few clicks. As soon as you activate the online streaming for a class, you can paste the access link for the lesson directly in the Eversports Manager. Your participants will have access to the live stream 15 minutes before your class starts. Your teachers can enter the online room and begin the online class at any time by opening the class in the Eversports Manager.

Online classes in the schedule of imagin-abel

Icon for online classes directly in your schedule

After you have set up your online lessons, communication to your customers is of course essential. With a computer symbol next to your class, your customers will from now on see directly which lessons are offered online. Your members can register for the online unit directly using your timetable which you can integrate on your website.

Access to the online class directly in the Eversports app

Your customers, after downloading it, will see a button in the Eversports app from which they can immediately enter your online class. The access is only possible up to 15 minutes before the start of your lesson. The online class is also immediately indicated in the booking confirmation that your participants receive after their booking.

Your online classes can be found in the Eversports App

In our free webinar on we explained step by step how you can transfer your current schedule to online classes. We want to assist you in this time as a partner, to make the best out of this situation. And anyways, who never dreamed of practicing yoga on the living room carpet, following fitness sessions from their own coach or dancing in the kitchen to great Zumba rhythms?

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