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Ramona Buta
Online Classes

Ramona Buta explains why training regularly is now more important than before

Ramona Buta is not only a personal trainer, she also gives trainings in various areas. In a short interview she told us why regular training is now more important and how the Eversports Manager is helping her with that.

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Online-Klassen anbieten - Eversports Manager
Online Classes

Corona crisis – this is how you keep your yoga studio running

The Eversports Manager offers your studio the opportunity to keep your revenue going by offering online classes in times of Corona. Open up your studio for your online community!

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Online Klassen anbieten - Eversports Manager
Online Classes

Setting up online classes is now even easier

Offering online classes is now even easier! We introduced a new feature for the Eversports Manager to make it even easier to set up online classes for your studio.

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