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Indoor and outdoor golf, tennis, badminton, table tennis, racketlon, squash, padel and fitness. What else can you ask for? This multisport facility is unique in the whole of Europe. The City and Country Club on Wienerberg is characterized by its wide range of offers, modern facilities and a remarkable location.

The complex

It all started in 1992. At that time, the City and Country Club consisted only of a hall where only tennis was on offer. But over time, the success resulted in a larger offer. As a result, the tennis hall has become a badminton and padel hall that is impressive. New tennis courts have been built and offer plenty of space for the very popular ball sports. Eventually, the success transformed the City and Country Club more and more into a multi-sport facility that can provide the right offer for every taste.

Today the City and Country Club presents itself as the multisport facility of Europe. But with such a success, so many problems arise.

City and Country Club

The challenge

With such great success, more and more customers are coming. The problem: so many different sports with a large number of regular customers can not be easily organized with Excel spreadsheets. A sports software should provide support for everyday tasks such as reservations, bookings, administration and payment. Thus, routine tasks should be automated in order to permanently save costs and effort.

The solution

For the City and Country Club, the Eversports Manager was just right. The optimized software helps organizing online payments, reservations and bookings for the multi-sports facility to cope with daily challenges. Especially for such a large facility like the City and Country Club. The easy-to-use sports software proves to be a helpful companion through everyday life.

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