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The Sporttraum sports center was built in 2015 for the pleasure of many Munich residents and neighbors. Christoph has opened his sport center and he now works with his twelve employees and offers his customers both football and tennis courts, as well as a fitness center. We paid Christoph a visit and talked to him about his successful sport venue.

The sport venue

Sporttraum offers football, tennis and fitness activities all year round. Anyone who likes unusual activities, can also try Bubble Soccer. There are also special events, such as the B2Soccer tournament, where companies can compete and try out their kicker skills. As a former semi-professional footballer, Christoph knows what makes a good venue. His sports management studies have also helped create this successful sports arena that it is today.


The challenge

The founding of a sports center also comes with many hurdles. Clients expect good organization, flawless planning and excellent management. All this from a relatively small team. Who booked which offer, who has not paid yet? A good overview is a prerequisite for a functioning sports center. Christoph already had a software that did not facilitate many processes in his work. He needed a software that could simplify the daily management of his center and the life of his employees.

The solution

The Eversports Manager has brought exactly the features that were missing for Christoph and his team. The ease of use of the software, the overview of all bookings, payments and customers and the use of the software on the road on a smartphone or tablet were important to them. The software facilitates everyday tasks. Even customer contact is simplified, as the team has been spending less time making phone calls since the software was introduced and customers can now book and pay via the website or the Eversports app.

With the Eversports Manager not only customers can be managed, but also online bookings and payments can be managed easily and legally. Thus, many tedious routine tasks are automated and allow significant time savings.

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