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The first Soccerdome was opened by Gerhard Badhofer in the second district of Vienna in 2006, and five years later he opened the second location based in the 10th district of Vienna. Now he offers football players both, during summer and winter, a place to play. His soccer courts are always filled with recurrent and new customers.

The sport venue

Even in winter, customers do not have to give up playing football, as both locations now offer four artificial grass pitches in a heated hall with a constant supply of fresh air. Soccerdome in the 10th district also has a clubhouse with a fireplace and canteen. For the summer there are even four outdoor courts with terrace and grill. The Junior Soccer Club also offers children the opportunity to practice their sport under the best conditions.

The Challenge

Gerhard already had an online reservation system before Eversports, but he did not have the appropriate sports platform, so he looked around for alternatives. He often sits at the computer for 3-4 hours at a time, and this every single day. Therefore, every additional click is just too cumbersome for him. It was clear that a quick intuitive system had to be found to fit the needs of his both sport centres.

The solution

In order to facilitate his work, Gerhard has opted for Eversports Manager. Tedious work on the computer is replaced by simple and intuitive administration. His customers were also pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to book online and gladly accepted the new system. The two biggest advantages for Gerhard are the time that he saves every day and the easy handling of all the bookings he has to manage. Thanks to Eversports Manager, the everlasting hours sitting in front of the screen are a thing of the past.

With the Eversports Manager not only customers register online, but also bookings and payments can be managed easily and legally. Thus, many tedious routine tasks are automated and a lot of time is saved that most of business owners cannot afford.

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