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Cheerful and energetic, Raphaela opens the door to our interview appointment in her hot yoga studio on the Gumpendorferstrasse in Vienna. We are very thankful that she took the time for the interview, because she is currently in the middle of the opening stages of her second studio, which is located in the 1st district of Vienna and will open in autumn. We wanted to know what makes her so successful!

The studio

Raphaela founded her first studio, hot yoga vienna, five years ago. With the opening of her second yoga studio in autumn, she offers the largest hot yoga offer in Vienna. The dream of having her own studio started when she did a yoga training in Thailand in 2009, she was immediately fascinated and started to teach in a fitness center. As things changed in her work, she gave up her full-time job and started looking for a suitable location for her dream. The studio in the 6th district can accommodate a total of 26 people. Through full classes, finally came the desire to enlarge and open a new studio.

The challenge

The biggest challenge for Raphaela was and is to have a good and reliable team. By now she is very proud of her team, but still thinks that the work of a yoga studio in the beginning is often underestimated. Many tasks that you do not even think about come up in the studio everyday, whether marketing, teacher coordination or cleanliness.

The solution

For Raphaela, it is therefore important to be able to work efficiently in order to bring the stressful studio life and organization under one hat. Having a reliable team is already the first big step, but also a functional and easy-to-use software that administers the classes and allows an online registration system, makes her day easier.

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