Yogawerkstatt Yoga Software

How did Sascha come to yoga and what is the recipe for success of his charming Yogawerkstatt studio (translate “Yoga Workshop”) in the 2nd district of Vienna, which apart from daily practice sessions for yoga teachers also offers Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Yoga for pregnant women and Yoga for mothers with babies?

The studio

For ten years, the native Ukrainian “endured” as a worker in the IT industry, he says. Until he discovered yoga for himself and realized together with his wife Romana they had a common dream: opening their own yoga studio. This year, they are celebrating the 12th anniversary of their beautiful yoga oasis, which has undergone a major refurbishment to provide even greater comfort to its customers. For Sascha, the studio has become a loving home and for his clientele a small family. And we could immediately feel the pleasant climate when entering the yoga studio.


The challenge

At the beginning, when the number of visitors was not that high, the Yogawerkstatt worked a lot with lists and excel files, in which all data from the customer to the check-in process had to be entered manually. As demand increased, so did the effort to manage all this information. And it quickly became too much to handle.

The solution

A simple software that manages and automates this work. When a colleague found the Eversports Manager, it was immediately clear to Sascha that he wanted to work with us. Since then, Sascha has multiplied his workshops and classes and offers now a wide range of yoga activities from yoga retreats in the Austrian Alps to teachers trainings and much more. The Yogawerkstatt also won new customers that quickly became part of the ever extending family.

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